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Leonardo continues his walks around Green Lake

Many thanks to Angela Fleet, Cultural Care Au Pair Local Childcare Coordinator, for sharing this photo of Leonardo, a regular Green Lake walker who is often fondly referred to as “Spanish Lessons Guy.” Leonardo, 86, has been walking around Green Lake with his “Spanish Lessons” vest for 18 years. “[Leonardo] had a lively conversation with the au pair from Venezuela about Hugo Chavez, which was pretty adorable,” Angela says.  

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Short film features local personality Stephen Measures

Many thanks to David Albright of Seattle On Screen for pointing us in the direction of the short documentary “Mayor Measures.” The film features Green Lake resident Stephen Measures, as well as some of Stephen’s favorite neighborhood haunts, including Beth’s Cafe (7311 Aurora Ave N) and the Kangaroo & Kiwi Pub (7305 Aurora Ave N). Mayor Measures was made by Type Face Productions (Denise Doherty, Piper Hanson and Adam Knight) for the 2011 Doc Challenge, “a timed filmmaking competition where filmmaking teams from around the world have just 5 days to make a short documentary film.” The film’s music was by Aaron Cherof, with lyrics by Roger Waters.

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“Spanish Lessons Guy” in search of local housing – UPDATE: Leonardo has found a place to stay

UPDATE, Wednesday, August 17, 2011 – Leonardo has found a place to stay.   Regular Green Lake walker and local personality Leonardo, often fondly referred to as “Spanish Lessons Guy,” is looking for a place to live. Do you have a lead on a room for rent? Please call Leonardo at (206) 683-0678.

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Blake the Milkman: A Green Lake fixture for 20 years

I recently caught up with Blake the Milkman: Blake has been delivering Smith Brothers Farms milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and more to the Green Lake neighborhood for 20 years.  He brings about 50 different products right to his customers’ doors. If you are not a customer yourself, you may have noticed Smith Brothers milk boxes on your neighbors’ porches or Blake’s black and white truck driving through the streets of Green Lake. Blake still has customers who have received milk deliveries since he first took over the route, 20 years ago, from a milkman who was retiring.  When he first…

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Do you know how to get in touch with Tim, the owner of the espresso stand that used to be by the boat rentals?

A query from My Green Lake reader Amber Mitrotti: Does anybody know Tim, the owner of the espresso stand that used to be by the boat rentals? I used to stop by all the time and chat. I would love to track him down since the stand appears to be gone and not coming back. I’ve known him for years and am now sad that I don’t know how to get in contact with him. If anyone can help that would be great! Do you have any information about Tim?  Let us know in the comments to this post or via…

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