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Residents say two loose dogs continue to chase other animals in Tangletown

Tangletown resident Diana Moller asked us to share the following: I wanted to follow up on the March 1st report by my neighbor MJ Welling regarding two loose dogs who killed her cat in her front yard on NE 57th St. between 5th Ave. NE and Latona Ave. These dogs are still running loose and have been spotted several times on our street in the last two weeks. The neighbor who witnessed the kitty killing took these photos of the dogs last week: The neighbor said the dogs have collars and tags but because they run whenever someone tries to get…

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Dog lost in north Green Lake

Have you seen this dog? Roxy, a 16-pound white whippet/jack russell terrier mix, escaped from her leash at the north end of Green Lake Park yesterday afternoon (Sunday, April 15, 2012). She was last seen in the blackberry bushes along the north side of Meridian Ave N & N 85th St,  across the street from Bishop Blanchet High School. Roxy has tan ears and a tan circle around her left eye. She is not wearing a collar but is microchipped. According to her owners, Roxy is very skittish and will run if chased. If you have seen Roxy, please call (206) 399-5676 or (206) 240-7392. Her owners are offering a…

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Missing dog last spotted in west Green Lake: Have you seen Arlee?

Arlee, a small dog that looks like a Pomeranian, was lost in Ballard on Friday, March 9, 2012. She was recently seen crossing Aurora Ave N toward Green Lake. Have you see her? Please call (206) 384-1290 or (206) 240-5823.   Update, Friday May 11, 2012: Ingrid Gordon shares the following: Arlee was found floating in Greenlake yesterday by some kayakers. I paddled out and retrieved her body. She was by the island….

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Two loose dogs kill a cat in Tangletown

We received the following note earlier today (Thursday, March 1, 2012) from Tangletown resident MJ Welling: Thought perhaps readers should be aware that 2 dogs from the neighborhood between Latona and 5th, NE 57th to perhaps NE 54thstreet have been seen running loose several times. On Wednesday, February 22, my neighbor and my mailman saw these two dogs kill my 15+ yo cat in my front yard at 349 NE 57th Street.  The mailman tried to intervene but was too late. He informed me that he had seen the owner out looking for the dogs again several days later and informed this…

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Lost black and white dog — UPDATE: This dog has returned home

A large, friendly, black and white dog has been lost in east Green Lake. He slipped out of his owners’ yard this afternoon (Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012) when a visitor failed to latch the gate. The missing dog has tags with his owners’ phone number: (206) 406-4335. Update, 10:30 p.m. This dog has returned home. 

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