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Green Lake business history: Collected Works bookstore, the Feel-Good Space and Abintra Wellness Center

  The Greenlake Bar & Grill has been a staple of the neighborhood’s restaurant scene since first opening its doors in 2000, more than ten years ago. Longtime Green Lake residents will remember several other businesses that have also operated out of the brick building at 7200 E Green Lake Drive N. We’ve written about eateries that have occupied the space through the years, including the Lemon Grass Bar and Grill, Bruegger’s Fresh Bagel Bakery, Zi Pani Cafe, and two different restaurants that were named “Green Lake Grill.” In the 1970s, the building also housed a bookstore and a massage center. A bookstore called “Collected Works” opened in 1974….

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Is there a speed limit for cyclists on the Green Lake path?

Recently, reader Erin Petrie asked us over twitter about the rules governing bicycle use on the Green Lake loop. Is there a speed limit for bikes circling Green Lake? Are those on wheels supposed to yield to pedestrians? Erin says that, while walking on the Green Lake path, she and her dog were clipped by a cyclist. The cyclist, she says, was “easily going 20 mph.” The incident left Erin with a bloody elbow and a scared dog. Guidelines do exist to govern the bicycle use at Green Lake Park. The Seattle Parks and Recreation Bicycle Use Policy dictates that “bicycles will be…

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A look back at Green Lake’s Saleh al Lago

Yesterday (Monday, Feb. 14, 2011), Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson shared a tiramisu recipe with her readers. “Truth be told,” she wrote, “it’s not my recipe: it’s Saleh Joudeh’s, the name behind the late, great Saleh al Lago at Green Lake.” Saleh al Lago, an Italian restaurant, occupied 6804 E Green Lake Way N from 1982 to 1999. The spot currently houses Nell’s Restaurant. The following story from our news partner The Seattle Post-Intelligencer offers a glimpse into the popularity of Green Lake’s Saleh al Lago.  The story was originally published on Sept. 29, 1999. SO LONG, SALEH: DINERS CROWDING INTO POPULAR…

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Green Lake’s Sunday photo: Than Brothers Pho

On Sundays, we feature a great shot of our park or neighborhood from the MyGreenLake Flickr Pool. This week’s photo was shot by Danny Ngan, a portrait and event photographer. The photo, titled “Small #9 at Than Bros.,” is a part of Danny’s personal project Project 365, for which he is taking a picture every day for a year. The Green Lake Than Brothers is located at 7714 Aurora Ave N. The local restaurant chain, which can be found in thirteen different Seattle-area locations, famously serves only Pho and cream puffs. The Aurora location opened in 1996. It was the first Than Brothers….

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Volunteers needed to help clean milfoil from Green Lake’s shoreline

The 4th annual Green Lake shoreline milfoil cleanup will be Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.  Volunteers will be meeting at the dock by Greenlake Boat Rentals (7351 E Green Lake Dr N). The event is sponsored by the Friends of Green Lake. The clean-up efforts will be focused on removing milfoil that accumulates on the shoreline and grows in shallow water around the dock. “Milfoil is an invasive weed that can completely choke a lake,” says Friends of Green Lake President Gayle Garman.  “It covered over 85% of Green Lake in the mid-1990s.  Remember the big…

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