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‘Pork Neckbones, Sauerkraut & Rutabagas: Memories of my Green Lake Girlhood’ available soon

Pork Neckbones, Sauerkraut & Rutabagas: Memories of my Green Lake Girlhood, a new book of neighborhood history by Dorothea Nordstrand, will be made available at a book launch on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012, 2-3 p.m., at the History House of Greater Seattle (790 N 34 St). Nordstrand’s four children share the following on an event flier: This book of memoirs is the culmination of 25 years of story writing, begun when Dorothea was 70, and put together in humorous, heartwarming details from her vivid memory. Despite the many hardships that her family endured during her childhood, the love and respect, sense of adventure and heartfelt enjoyment…

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In a canoe on Green Lake, circa 1918

Sunshine is finally here! To celebrate, we are sharing this never-before-published photograph of a sunny day at Green Lake, circa 1918:   This historical view of of Green Lake comes to us from the personal collection of My Green Lake reader Nancy Johnson. The photograph was shot from the interior of a canoe on the lake. Homes along the east shore of Green Lake can be seen, as well as N 65th St, heading east from East Green Lake Way N. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you can see a house with a triangular peak just to the right…

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Mystery Green Lake house, 1916: Is it yours?

Today, in lieu of our regular weekly vintage Green Lake postcard, we are sharing a photo from the snowy winter of 1916. This photograph comes from the personal collection of My Green Lake reader Nancy Johnson. It was taken by her great-grandfather Theodore Ramm. (You can see more of Mr. Ramm’s Green Lake photographs from the winter of 1916 here.) The exact location of this house is a mystery, although Nancy believes that the house was in Green Lake. Do you recognize this house? Perhaps you live in it today. If you know where in Green Lake this house is, please drop us…

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Vintage Green Lake photos: The winter of 1916

The following photographs come from the personal collection of My Green Lake reader Nancy Johnson. They were taken by her great-grandfather Theodore Ramm during the blustery winter of 1916. Please click on the photographs to enlarge them.   Thank you, Nancy! Paul Dorpat reports the following about the winter of 1916 on When the big snow of 1916 began to fall on a cold Monday on January 31, 1916, there may have been more cameras than shovels in the hands of amateurs. The flurry of snapshots of our second greatest snowstorm illustrate snow-stopped streetcars, closed schools, closed libraries, closed theaters,…

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Vintage postcard: Greetings from Green Lake Station, Seattle (1911)

We’re introducing a new series here at My Green Lake.  Every Tuesday, we will publish a vintage postcard from Green Lake’s past. These postcards were generously shared with us by Green Lake residents Mark and Mary Griffin, who answered our call for Green Lake historical material.  Thank you, Mark and Mary! We’re kicking off the series with a card which was produced by “Hope Bros. Co. Seattle.”  It was mailed in Puyallup on Nov. 27, 1911 to E. L. Lyman at 517 E. 71 St., Seattle Wash, an east Green Lake address which is now referred to as 517 NE 71st St. The address…

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