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Residents say two loose dogs continue to chase other animals in Tangletown

What do you think? Comments Off May 7, 2012 at 9:00PM

Tangletown resident Diana Moller asked us to share the following:

I wanted to follow up on the March 1st report by my neighbor MJ Welling regarding two loose dogs who killed her cat in her front yard on NE 57th St. between 5th Ave. NE and Latona Ave.

These dogs are still running loose and have been spotted several times on our street in the last two weeks. The neighbor who witnessed the kitty killing took these photos of the dogs last week:

The neighbor said the dogs have collars and tags but because they run whenever someone tries to get close, no one can read the tags to find the erstwhile owner. A few people have seen the dogs running loose multiple times this week too.

Yesterday these dogs came into my yard. They chased and tried to corner my 10 month old puppy, terrorizing him. I came outside just in time and they ran off. The small pet owners on the street are having to keep our pets inside to protect them.

These dogs fit the description of those that killed the chickens in Tangletown about February 17th, although there’s no way to know if they’re the same ones.

Personally, I don’t want anything bad to happen to these dogs but they have been running wild for more than 2 months. I want the owner to be responsible so these dogs don’t hurt anyone else. 

All pets, except cats and pigeons, are required by the City of Seattle to be on-leash when off their property.

Seattle Animal Shelter Humane Animal Law Enforcement Officers are available seven days per week, excluding holidays, to respond to calls and file complaints. Information about the process they use to handle complaints is available here.

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