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Spring 2012 Parks programs in north Seattle

What do you think? (1 Comment) March 30, 2012 at 3:27PM

Seattle Parks and Recreation Senior Coordinator Barb Wade shares the following brochures, which delineate spring 2012 programs in north Seattle. Please click each image to see an enlarged version.

Adult drop-in sports, including basketball, dodgeball and volleyball:

Adult fitness opportunities:

Tot gyms and tot rooms:

A brochure which includes all spring 2012 programs at the community centers and pools in northwest Seattle, is available in PDF format here.


One Response to “Spring 2012 Parks programs in north Seattle”

  1. Fencing! says:

    There is fencing at Loyal Heights too!  Ever wanted to play with sharp pointy objects?  Now is your chance!  (Don’t worry, they aren’t so sharp as to actually hurt you)