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Vandal spray paints peace sign on Green Lake tree

What do you think? (4 Comments) March 22, 2012 at 10:05AM

Caroline Sherman shared the following photograph, which she took yesterday (Wednesday, March 21, 2012) at Green Lake Park. She asks: “Is this peaceful?”

4 Responses to “Vandal spray paints peace sign on Green Lake tree”

  1. DV says:

    I think a peace sign spray painted on a tree is a sign of living in a great community.  Instead of seeing some sort of gang-related or negative spray paint job, the youth (assuming it’s a younger person) in the Greenlake area choose to spray paint peace signs.  I would feel good about this show of artistic outlet because it means you live in an area where even the young people are happy and enriched by their surroundings.

    • Guest says:

       Preposterous.  Here we have a baby-minded liberal supporting vandalism.  Vandalism is vandalism.  DV’s comment is just as disturbing as the original criminal act of vandalism.

      • PeaceSignSprayPainter says:

        Hey DV’s comment could’ve been worse you know. Let’s just accept the fact that the tree has a peace sign on it and not a Swastika.

        • Bugsy says:

          Really tagger a Tree???? Absolute lack of respect, heck you don’t even respect each other. You can be sure there will be another dog just like you that will want his mark over yours. Sheesh, and we really love your phallic symbol on the path, nothing but class NBD