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Photo: Green Lake eagle

What do you think? (5 Comments) March 27, 2012 at 3:14PM

Caroline Sherman shares the following photo, which she took today (Tuesday, March 27, 2012). Caroline shot the photo at Green Lake Park and titles it “The Eagle and his Entourage”:

Thank you, Caroline!

5 Responses to “Photo: Green Lake eagle”

  1. Schnozx says:

    Can anybody tell me where along the lake it’s hanging out? I haven’t seen it in weeks.

  2. seattler0cks says:

    I would love to hear the lively conversation taking place up at the top there . . . “Do you see what I see?”  :)

  3. gayle garman says:

    Too bad the crows aren’t truly “an entourage”.  They harass the eagles and other raptors that occur around the Lake.  We used to see Cooper’s hawks regularly and the occasional Sharp-shinned hawk…but not recently.  There are so many crows, and they harass the raptors to prevent them from hunting and the raptors eventually leave the area.  The crows will also eat eggs and nestlings of the songbirds, and ducklings (which have already been seen on some Seattle lakes).  So, PLEASE….don’t feed the crows or gulls, and keep your garbage covered so they can’t get into it.  A few crows are great, but when there are so many we lose the opportunity to see other kinds of birds in our favorite urban park, Green Lake.

  4. PMGUEST says:

    Up until about 18 years ago, I saw golden eagles at GL all the time. Where did they all go?