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Two loose dogs kill a cat in Tangletown

What do you think? (16 Comments) March 1, 2012 at 6:06PM

We received the following note earlier today (Thursday, March 1, 2012) from Tangletown resident MJ Welling:

Thought perhaps readers should be aware that 2 dogs from the neighborhood between Latona and 5th, NE 57th to perhaps NE 54thstreet have been seen running loose several times.

On Wednesday, February 22, my neighbor and my mailman saw these two dogs kill my 15+ yo cat in my front yard at 349 NE 57th Street.  The mailman tried to intervene but was too late. He informed me that he had seen the owner out looking for the dogs again several days later and informed this person of what had happened.

These dogs need to be kept in their yard and off the streets. The owner needs to take this seriously.

On Friday, Feb. 17, three chickens were killed by two dogs that were running loose in Tangletown. You can read about that incident here.

16 Responses to “Two loose dogs kill a cat in Tangletown”

  1. hikbikski says:

    Any description of the dogs?

    Sounds like the cat was killed during the day — if the mailman saw it — at the same time, possibly, as kids are walking home from school. 

  2. guest says:

    My condolences. That is horrible.  It sounds like it may be the same dogs that killed the chickens on the 17th. Did you see this comment that someone left on that page.  “The owner of those dogs live in a blue, mid-80′s house to the west of
    the intersection of 57th and 1st Ave. She lets them run all over the
    neighborhood. I don’t know if this is a criminal act, but there you go. ”
    You may be able to use this to track the owner down.

  3. Watcher says:

    Y’all can call the police and Animal Control.  The owner is committing a crime by allowing their dogs to run loose and kill neighbors’ pets.

  4. Soozietrav says:

    Interesting. About two weeks ago my cat came tearing through the pet door in the middle of the night, terrified by a dog chasing him. I ran downstairs to see what the ruckus was about and a small black and white dog was standing in the middle of my sunroom, very friendly and looking like he had no idea how he got there. Scared the bjeesus out of me.  I was so mad. The dog had no identification plus it was 3:30 in the morning so I was half asleep. I bet it’s the same dog ( or dogs).

  5. chat says:

    dogs rule!

  6. Devilrain says:

    It would be nice to have a description of the dogs from the mailman and the neighbor to compare to the previous report with the chickens. I know of two dogs in my area in Wallingford that are left free to roam as well.

  7. Ann A. says:

    What’s wrong with the pet owners in Tangletown?  First chickens were killed, now a cat.  It is most definitely against the law to let dogs run loose and I’m sure there are penalties for this kind of circumstance.  I’m a dog (and cat) owner too and would never dream of letting my dog run loose!

  8. Flygirl27 says:

    i am so so sorry for you. this is horrible. i am sure you really miss your cat. devistating

  9. Pancho Villa says:

    So its ok for cats to roam the neighborhoods, but dogs have to be fenced in?  

    • Kalyanora says:

      When it is reported that cats are running in packs killing household pets and putting children in danger, we may have to do something about it. But this isn’t a joke, dogs can be dangerous to children and obviously to household pets.

      Please original poster give a description as I will call the police immediately, before I hear the story two dogs attack and kill child…

  10. Hunter says:

    We have too many Pets in Greenlake in General. In a dense neighborhood like yours do people need more then one pet? Or any?

  11. SimpleIsAsSimpleDoes says:

    Shoot the dogs. Problem solved.

  12. observer says:

    No, it’s not the cavalier king charles spaniels in the blue house on 57th. They’re too small, too gentle, and they’re on leash. The cat would win. The chickens would win. They do not roam freely in the neighborhood. They are my neighbor’s dogs. And neither is black and white. Whoever identified the dogs and the house is targeting my neighbor out of spite. Somebody has her knickers in a twist. 

    • Andrew Burback says:

      Agreed!  Whomever is spreading the misinformation is horribly mistaken.  Those dogs (who do not roam free btw) and their owner are not the culprits

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