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Green Lake resident ending yearly holiday display and selling 50,000+ lights

What do you think? (7 Comments) March 1, 2012 at 1:35PM

Ed Boese, who lives at 6557 4th Ave NE, asked us to share the following note:

As you may know I do a massive Xmas display on 4th Ave. NE behind Spuds and my condo association board has voted not to allow this display anymore.

I have at least 50,000 lights, 4 inflatables and several super size ornaments.

I’m considering selling everything or finding a sponsor, business or person that would like to decorate their home or business. Possible assistance putting up might be possible. 

You can contact Ed at (206)527-8655 or edbose [at]

7 Responses to “Green Lake resident ending yearly holiday display and selling 50,000+ lights”

  1. FROGBOX says:

    What a bunch of scrooges!!! 

  2. Jeremy says:

    What a bunch of scrooges!! 

  3. Kitty says:

    ah, I’ll miss it!

  4. guest says:

    I love that display. So sad to see it go.  During the holidays it was always a happy sight when walking my dog at night in the cold.

  5. Soozietrav says:

    Oh, I love this Chrsitmas display–why do condo associations suck? That’s terrible.

  6. Kelly Rosa says:

    What a bummer Ed! We love your display.  We take our kids and their friends by many times during the Holiday Season.

  7. trickycoolj says:

    Perhaps the candy cane lane folks would be interested?  I remember reading that their displays were vandalized/stolen this past Christmas.