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Maroon Subaru Legacy stolen from 4th Ave NE

What do you think? (18 Comments) January 24, 2012 at 6:06PM

Evelyn sent us the following picture of her maroon 1997 Subaru Legacy. The car was stolen from 4th Ave NE between Woodlawn Ave NE and NE 65th St sometime between Friday, Jan. 20 at 4:30 p.m. and Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 at 3 p.m.

“I am wondering if anyone saw anything suspicious,” Evelyn says. “Nothing of value was inside the vehicle, thankfully, but I greatly miss my car. It really upsets me someone would do this.”

Evelyn also sent the following thoughts:

I’m sure many neighborhood streets have this problem, so I’d advise others to make sure their car is in a spot that isn’t too dark.

There are many apartments on this street too, and not enough parking spots in their garages, so many are forced to park on the streets. I wish there was better lighting to provide security for those who are forced to park on the street.

I really hope this serves as a reminder to others that car theft is a real possibility in this area!

Evelyn has filed a police report. If you know anything about what happened to her car, please contact the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct at (206) 684-0850.


18 Responses to “Maroon Subaru Legacy stolen from 4th Ave NE”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Nothing of value was inside the vehicle, thankfully, but I greatly miss my car. It really upsets me someone would do this.”

    In my case, it’s more like incensed.   Sometime between 6pm yesterday and 7am this morning our 1991 red Honda Civic SI hatchback (two door) was stolen from in front of our house just northwest of Green Lake.  License plate 346-ZHW.  However, its most distinctive feature is the big decal on the back window that says “Macalester College.”    There aren’t a lot of those in this area.

    The theft has been reported to the SPD, and I am reachable at 206 920-3280.

    • seattler0cks, I am so sorry to hear this! I’ll keep my eye out, and I’m sure that others will as well. Please keep us posted, and good luck!

      • Anonymous says:

        This is actually our second car lost in the last 18 months, the first to an auto accident. Years ago, when we were young grad students at the UW, we did everything by bike . . . and that option is certainly looking a lot more attractive right now! :)

  2. Weeksjones says:

    Our Sabaru Legacy was stolen 2 years ago and we learned that they are really easy to break into. It was found a month later in Wedgewood and since then we have a lock on the steering wheel; I advise all Subaru Legacy owners to get one.

  3. Tina Gunn says:

    My car was also stolen on the corner of 65th Ave & 4th Ave from my well lit carport. A 1994 black Honda Accord EX. Mine was stolen right before Christmas and the police still have not recovered it. When I reported my car stolen, an officer from the Ballard North Precint came out saying that they don’t have patrols around Greenlake. It just makes me sad that the neighborhood that I love is having such a problem with car theft, among other things.

    • Hi Tina,

      I’m sorry to hear this — especially that it happened right before Christmas! There is in fact an SPD officer that patrols Green Lake. His name is Officer Travis Testerman. He can be reached at (206) 233-3984 or at

      Best of luck getting your car back,


  4. Mick says:

    This same thing happened to me on the exact same block! My ’97 Subaru Impreza was stolen sround 5pm and a buddy of mine ended up finding it in Lower Queen Anne (W Mercer St & 1st Ave W) about ten days later.

  5. Wilson says:

    My 96 Subaru Legacy was also stolen last summer from the Green Lake area.  Like most of the other stories, it was found about a month later by the police.

    A few things to note:
    - Car theft is very common around here because the penalties for getting caught are loose.  An article in the Times stated that a person needs to get caught 7 times for auto theft before being convicted of a felony.  Therefore, theft of a vehicle to get from Point A to Point B is easy with low risk.
    - While it may seem that Subarus are easier to steal, it’s actually the fact that OLDER cars are easier to steal.  Since Subarus are so common around here and since owners seem to hold on to them longer, it gives the impression that they are the only cars being stolen.  Case in point, someone’s Honda was also stolen in this discussion.  My neighbor’s Toyota was stolen as well.  A thief can take a worn-down knife that looks like a letter opener and use it to open the door and start the ignition of an older car (and screw up the ignition in the process).  My car had no damage and no broken windows when it was found.  Fortunately, nothing was even stolen within the car, all because they used a tool like the one I described.
    - If your car doesn’t have an anti-theft system, or if your car key doesn’t have a security chip in it, you should get something to deter theft of your car.  The cop I dealt with had recommended The Club, so I use that.  I’ve heard that The Club is easily removed by freezing it with liquid nitrogen and smashing it, but I seriously doubt the thieves around here are carrying around liquid nitrogen!

    • Evelyn says:

      Thanks so much for the information! I had no idea it was so easy to steal them. I am getting a club right away!

  6. Anonymous says:

    For what it’s worth, the SPD tweets reported stolen vehicles here:

    183 thefts have been recorded since Jan 1, 2012.  Here’s the breakdown, not totally accounting for the full 183 (in a few instances different naming conventions are used):

    Honda  55
    Subaru 23
    Toyota 16
    Ford 13
    Accura 9
    Nissan 9
    Jeep 8
    Chevrolet 5
    Chev 4
    Plymouth 4
    Chevy 3
    Dodge 3
    Mazda 3
    Mercedes 3
    Volks 2
    VW 2
    Lexus 2
    Volvo 2
    Volkswagon 1
    Hyundai 1
    Audi 1

    Of course, these counts partially reflect the population of the various makes.  

    January 19 was a particularly bountiful day for Jeep:

    getyourcarback Seattle Police 
    19 Jan

    getyourcarback Seattle Police 
    19 Jan

    getyourcarback Seattle Police 
    19 Jan

  7. Evelyn says:

    UPDATE for stolen Subary Legacy:I just got a call from Auto Records. Gary’s Westside Towing found my car parked in a private lot and towed it.They say it looks okay, with no damage. I have no idea though until I pick it up. They are forcing me to pay $295 to get it back. Since my insurance won’t cover it, I asked them if they knew it was stolen before towing it. They said they knew. I’m doing some research but this doesn’t sound very fair to have someone else park it in a private lot while it was reported stolen, then have the owner pay for the price to have it towed. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do, though.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would find out the specific circumstances regarding how it came to be towed – how the tow company came to learn about it, whether it was in a area with parking restrictions, whether it had been identified by the SPD as a stolen car, and they called it in, etc, etc (though the SPD doc you signed would be relevant here). In any case, the tow company should be able to provide the specifics.   Once you have all this information you’ll be able to determine if any boundaries were crossed.

      • Evelyn says:

        Thanks for the tips, I will do some more research but sadly I don’t think I have a case against the towing company. I guess there’s nothing that forces them to call the cops until last-minute because it was towed from private property. Thankfully there was no damage to the car. The thief drove it to the Seattle Central Community College and parked it at a Diamond lot, 1717 Boylston Ave. Diamond left 9 tickets ($43 each =$387) on my car before having it towed, and never checked with police the whole time. I could have had it back right after it was stolen if they had. I’m contesting the tickets, but from what I understand the car owner is responsible for paying the towing fee for their stolen vehicle. Ok, but there’s no way I’m paying the parking tickets. If I had comprehensive insurance, it might have helped cover the towing (although, barely any of it since I would have a higher deductible). But the fact private lot owners don’t check to see if the car is stolen after putting so many tickets on it seems a bit fishy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Evelyn, if you scan your police report  (say, as a pdf)  and send it here: via email with a brief note those tickets should be forgiven by Diamond.   At least that’s what Diamond says: 206 729-0590. You can also fax it in, but you’ll need to call and get that number.  I would avoid smail – you would also need to obtain that address – simply because this is faster and you have a clear record of the request.

          I am especially sympathetic to your situation . . . because we may well be in the same boat.  Good luck.

          • Evelyn says:

            The tickets were forgiven! Thank you for the info and I really hope your car is recovered in the near future!!

          • Evelyn, that’s fantastic! -Amy

          • guest says:

             Hello. I saw this post at the time 1-20 or when posted re the Subaru SW stolen in Green Lake. My Subaru a ’98 limited was stolen from Mt. Baker area (between Genesee & Madrona near Lake WA). It is the 2nd time it was stolen, last time 2 yrs ago in May. Both times I had come from out of town. We have had more crime in last mo than ever, in fact residents had a public gathering over it. Last time car recovered 3-4 days later in Ravenna by Whole Foods, which I don’t even shop at as it’s so expensive! There was a crow bar & they took items & left some, there was a white substance dripped down the side of the passenger seat. Front seats back far/low & radio had hip hop or Rap type music on station. It was towed though I checked the box for it not to be towed when I filled in the police report. I forget the cost but I wasn’t happy w/ that & it hadn’t been there long enough to warrant that price. I was irate as there were tickets in car from around Belltown area & it was towed from near 65th st due to being in violation as per parking hrs. Thieves had changed back plates but not front. I contested the charges and had to go high up the food chain. I was reimbursed by the City finally. I was angry that it was not a law or procedure to run the plates, looking at front & back & frankly preferably the Vin #. Had that been done it shouldn’t have been towed. Unless of course the City, the Tow companies, the police, the car thieves, the car rental & salvage companies are all benefiting from victims of car theft? Now I am being questioned as my car was stolen twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far this time my car has NOT turned up. I am devastated & now this! What a racket.

  8. Eisaw says:

    My Car 1998 Black subaru impreaza outbaclksport,
    scoop on hood, bike rack (2 slot), WA 513 XHN, littlewhite bumper sticker to left of licence plate “no voilence’ no Peace” was stolen out of a well lit parking deck below merrill gardens apts 25th NE and 54th, In it was an oragne blanket over my things in the hatach back,

    I lost everything:
     all my personal winter clothes.
    I am leaving to my interview (i just moved to seattle) in a pair of jeans and hiking boots, I only have the clothes on my back and no coat.
    , in a green mec duffle bag with black handles
    i lost my only pair of high heels, my only pair of sandles and my only pair of dress boots ankle light green,all my winter sweaters, and winter coats,
    about 300 dollars worth of food ans spices, my arborist tools in a little blue climbing pack, my mius 25 down sleeping bag ( i am a minalist i used to live on my sail boat in canada),
    i lost my vintage C.Fidado iltailan small accordian in a black leather case, and my vintage 1930′s smith corona type witer (weighs 5 pounds and has a metal case/lid withtwo silver buttons), a hand croceted organge and white blanket,
    my only bowl a teak boal i had thirty years, my chefs knives about 1000 dollars worth of knives. all this fit in my hatach back with the organge blanket over it,
    if you see it email me at
    @earthlink:disqus pictures of some of my things are on facebook at “Type Writergirl”