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Metro proposes elimination of Route 26, addition of new Route 63

What do you think? (5 Comments) October 25, 2011 at 2:33PM

Yesterday (Monday, October 24, 2011), King County Metro published an initial proposal for a September 2012 change to Greater Seattle’s transit system.

The proposed service change includes a new route, Route 63, which would connect east Green Lake to Sand Point via the University District. Once in the U-District, riders would be able to connect with routes that travel to downtown Seattle, Bellevue, and northeast and central Seattle.

Buses would run every day of the week and would run about every 30 minutes, except for at night, when they would run every 30-60 minutes.


Proposed new route, Route 63, courtesy King County Metro. Click to enlarge.

Between NE 40th St and Green Lake via Latona Avenue NE and Thackeray Place NE, Route 63 would replace Route 26.

Route 26, which east Green Lake riders currently use to connect directly to downtown Seattle during non-peak hours, would be eliminated.

Those riders would have to use Route 16 to get downtown directly during non-peak hours. Or, they could ride the proposed new route, Route 63, to the University District and then transfer onto a 71, 72, or 73 bus heading downtown.

Route 26 Express, which runs directly between east Green Lake and downtown during peak hours, would remain.

A thorough analysis of the city-wide effects of the proposed changes is available on the Seattle Transit Blog.

Metro is requesting feedback about these proposed changes. Feedback can be given via an online survey or at a public meeting. Meeting information is available via an online calendar.


5 Responses to “Metro proposes elimination of Route 26, addition of new Route 63”

  1. Bruce Nourish says:

    I would add that the 16 will also be routed off Meridian and NE Northgate Way in favor of going more directly to the Northgate TC via 92nd St.

  2. Gunnar says:

    Good move.  The 16 and 26 are really duplicate routes that run two blocks parallel to each other for a lot of the routes. 

  3. Latonamom says:

    Noooo!  I love the 26.  I ride it all the time and my disabled father uses it frequently.  He is too mobility challenged to walk the extra  distance to the 16.  

  4. Latonamom says:

    Seems like the new 63 is the longest route from Greenlake to the University they could find (Could walk there faster).  I can’t imagine that it will have more riders than the 26 which was a nice direct route to downtown with quite a few riders on it.  Now the 16 will be terribly over crowded!