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Green Lake resident reports possible door-to-door Comcast scam

What do you think? (15 Comments) June 4, 2011 at 4:57PM

A Green Lake resident wrote to us today with some safety reminders.

Yesterday (Friday, June 3, 2011), a man came to her door. Asking for her husband, the man said he worked for Comcast.

Here is what happened next, in her words:

He asked to confirm our home phone number that he rattled off, but it was a totally bogus number.  He also wanted to confirm that we had service with them since 2010 which is also incorrect because we’ve been with them for much longer. He continually kept looking into my living room.  I kept asking why he was here and he just kept acting suspicious and kept going back to the phone number and not answering my question.

He had a yellow vest and a hat that said Comcast but he did not present id to me but I also didn’t ask. I’ve heard of people posing as Comcast employees as this outfit would be very easy to replicate.

If he truly was with Comcast, he would have had our account information that he could have confirmed with our correct dates and phone number.

After he left, I felt scared that he was casing my house.

The resident called Comcast (1-800-COMCAST), but she says that they could not confirm that the man was an employee of theirs without a badge number.

While this man may or may not have been a legitimate employee of Comcast, there have been incidents of scam artists posing as door-to-door Comcast salesmen elsewhere in the country. Incidents have been reported in Chattanooga, TN, Memphis, TN, and Chester, PA.

“At the very least,” the Green Lake resident who wrote to us says, “I want to warn our neighbors that they should never confirm or give out any information unless someone provides identification, and you can confirm it, if they come to your door. Also, I wish I had been thinking enough to not allow him to see into my home by having the door closed more or stepping outside to talk with him.”

Update, Sunday June 5:

Several residents have left comments both here and on facebook about incidents similar to the one reported here. We have forwarded links to these comments to Sgt. Dianne Newsom, who heads up the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct Community Police Team.

Sgt. Newsom can be reached directly at (206) 684-0794 or at dianne.newsom [at]

Update #2

Sgt. Newsom is off on Monday. If you would like to get a hold of the North Precinct Community Police Team on Monday,  please contact Officer Travis Testerman at travis.testerman [at]

Update #3, Monday June 6:

Officer Testerman asks that citizens concerned about the behavior of a door-to-door solicitor call 9-1-1 immediately following the interaction so that officers can respond right away and confirm the solicitor’s story.

15 Responses to “Green Lake resident reports possible door-to-door Comcast scam”

  1. Dorothy says:

    Thanks for posting this…nice to be alerted.

  2. Ann says:

    how do i share a photo? cuz we had a guy , too.   when he wanted too much info i snapped a photo.  comcast did say they do send folks door to door ‘selling’  in this case a lnad line.  i think he might be ok cuz he proudly held up his id for the photo but it was a weird scene.

    • Thanks for the note, Ann.

      The person who originally emailed us also snapped a photo, but I decided not to publish it. While the man’s behavior was definitely suspect, I would hate to post a photo of someone who may have just been doing his job (however badly he may have being doing it…).

      You may want to send your photo to Comcast and let them know that you had a poor experience. You can find their contact info here:

      Thanks again for the comment — and have a great weekend!


      • Da says:

        Also saw somebody with comcast vest behaving suspiciously around 65th and Ravenna yesterday, checking out many houses… if multiple people have seen the same guy acting in a strange manner, he probably should be reported to the police…

        • That is an excellent suggestion – thank you!

          We have forwarded links to the comments that were left here and on MyGreenLake’s facebook page to Sgt. Dianne Newsom, who heads up the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct Community Police Team.Sgt. Newsom can be reached directly at (206) 684-0794 or at dianne.newsom [at]

          • Update — Sgt. Newsom is off on Monday. If you would like to get a hold of the North Precinct Community Police Team on Monday,  please contact Officer Travis Testerman at travis.testerman [at]

  3. Anniedirkse says:

    Had some one like that knock here in lake forest park….seems weird and random…and WHY???? He peered into out livingroom and said we had cool stuff….I think if Comcast is going to send these folks out….they should alert us…he may not have been legit….creepy to think about now………

  4. Anonymous says:

    had this happen to me back around september last year around 74th & Aurora.  The man had the same vest described and was offering to set me up with a more expensive cable package for cheaper than I was already paying.  It didn’t sound legit at all.  Later that same day I saw a big group of these guys in comcast vests gathered in the parking lot of the jack in the box on 85th & Aurora having some kind of celebration which seemed very strange.

  5. sharon says:

    Last Sunday we had a guy come into our backyard and try to upgrade our service with Comcast.  It was very strange since I was gardening and thought it was bold to come around to the back.  He asked about our service and said he could offer more options for less money.  I said to write it all down and I would take a look at it when I had time.  He wanted my drivers license to do this which I thought was weird.  I have the Comcast order form he wrote the info up on — his name is Aaron Chase -sales # 43665 – rep phone # 206-383-9159.  He said he would check back the next day to see if I wanted to change service.

  6. Had a guy up and down our street (NE 57th) all last week. He came to our door as well, asked very generic information (the kind you could discover from public sources.) Same m.o. — yellow vest, hat, clipboard. If the guy is casing places, it’s a terrible approach; everyone could I.D. the guy from a picture.

  7. Greenlake Resident says:

    We had a large man with black curly hair come to our door saying he was with Comcast recently too. We had just changed something in our plan, so I thought he was there because we were having problems with it. I asked him to come back later and he did and he tried to sell us something we already had. This was around two weeks ago. For at least 4 days later I saw him walking around my street and the general Latona area in Greenlake. He was wearing a bright yellow vest and a Comcast jacket. I also saw a women not wearing Comcast apparel but a bright yellow vest walking around with a clipboard around that same time, so I assumed they were working together. I did not see a Comcast van any of the times I saw him. Creepy!

    • Playpluto says:

      Just remembered! He actually came to our house three times that day. I wasn’t home for a few hours and when I pulled up he was standing on our porch. I sat in my car until he left which was a few minutes.

  8. northseattlesarah says:

    I had the same guy show up, same day as most other people in the neighborhood.  I assumed he was legit as he was able to tell my both my phone number and my service package.  I told him that I didn’t need home phone service and he told me to have a nice day and left.  From what I’ve heard, Comcast hires cheap street canvassers in local areas to do this from time to time. 

    • ComcastMark says:

      Hello Everyone,
      I work for Comcast. The safety of our customers is very important to us. I would like to remind everyone that a real Comcast employee drives a marked vehicle and wears a branded shirt that says, “Comcast.” Our employees are also issued with employee IDs so, please ask for their employee IDs.
      When in doubt, PLEASE do not open the door and always call us so that we can verify if the person visiting you is a legitimate Comcast employee.
      Mark Casem
      Comcast Corp.
      National Customer Operations

  9. the other walker brother says:

    when do we get Fios in our area?