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Bike to School Day at Daniel Bagley Elementary

What do you think? (1 Comment) May 20, 2011 at 4:05PM

By Erica Browne Grivas

Neither whining, nor caffeine deprivation, nor frenzy-filled search for equipment shall stop us from biking to school 20 minutes early and getting our ‘I Heart Bikes’ stickers. That, plus some satisfaction of going green, was what kept many families of Daniel Bagley Elementary (7821 Stone Ave N) rolling this morning as they celebrated National Bike to School Day today (Friday, May 20, 2011). And – it didn’t rain!


Crossing Aurora Ave N and N 77th St

At about 8:45 a.m., three Bagley teachers led groups from locations triangulating Bagley: the North Seattle Boys and Girls Club, the Green Lake Bathhouse Theatre and the Green Lake Community Center.

The rules of engagement were:

1) Helmets must be worn!!!
2) Riders should have enough experience to comfortably ride a 2-wheel bike.
3) Bikers must ride single-file.
4) Riders will be asked to walk their bikes across all street intersections.


Parent volunteer Josh Woods dispenses commemorative stickers.

One Response to “Bike to School Day at Daniel Bagley Elementary”

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