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1905 call to police: A “blind pig” is running at Green Lake

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The local site classified humanity, which features “random bits from the archives of a certain Seattle newspaper,” recently profiled this clip from the May 9, 1905 issue of The Seattle Times:

Green Lake Woman Claims Her Husband Gets Drunk Every Night.

A “blind pig” is running at Green Lake. Chief of Police Delaney and several of his best “coppers” live out there, but they haven’t been able to catch the elusive “porker.” In spite of this a resident of that place says that there is illicit liquor selling in the village and she wants it stopped.

“I know there is a ‘blind pig’ running out here,” a woman said in a telephone message to police headquarters last night, “for my husband comes home drunk every night and he doesn’t go down town.”

“What is your name?” asked Detective Barck.

“My goodness, I couldn’t tell you that,” answered the woman, “for my old man would beat me to death.”

“Where is this blind pig?” came another question from the detective.

“Well, I have my suspicions,” said the woman, “but I’ve got to be careful. You police men are paid to find those things out and I want you to do it.”

Then the woman at Green Lake hung up her phone.

According to a Wikipedia entry on speakeasies, “blind pig” is a slang term that originated in the 19th century to describe lower-class dives that sold alcoholic beverages illegally. Blind pig operators charged customers to see an attraction, such as an animal, and then served a “complimentary” alcoholic beverage, thus circumventing the law.

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