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Vintage Green Lake postcard: Aerial view of Green Lake, circa 1949

What do you think? (4 Comments) February 15, 2011 at 4:39PM

On Tuesdays, we publish a vintage postcard from Green Lake’s past. These postcards were generously shared with us by Green Lake residents Mark and Mary Griffin. (You can find previously-published postcards herehere, and here – sorry we missed last Tuesday!) This week’s card is an aerial view of Green Lake. It was mailed in Bellingham on July 5, 1949. The northwest part of the lake and park can be seen, including the Green Lake Bathhouse (now home to The Seattle Public Theater) and west Green Lake beach.

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The postcard is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Gosling at 1128 18th Ave NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The back of the postcard reads:

Dear, Winnie + family We are in Bellingham on our way to Vancouver. Will be home soon love to all Albert + Florence.

You can read about life in Green Lake during the 1940s here. Do you have historic postcards or photographs of Green Lake that you would like to share?  Please drop us a line at tips [at]

4 Responses to “Vintage Green Lake postcard: Aerial view of Green Lake, circa 1949”

  1. Dorothy Richey Dreamindotty says:

    This is Greenlake BC (before condos)

  2. Rick Barrett says:

    These are wonderful. Somewhere I have some pics of Led Zeppelin at the Aqua Theater, and I can remember sitting in the bleachers for the Aqua Follies.

  3. Shelf30 says:

    I love these old postcards. Keep them coming!

    @Rick Barrett – please do share your Led Zepplin photos and any other old pictures you have of the Aqua Theater. Did you see the Grateful Dead perform there in August of 1969? I’ve heard tapes of the music on the Grateful Dead Hour.