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Vintage postcard: Greetings from Green Lake Station, Seattle (1911)

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We’re introducing a new series here at My Green Lake.  Every Tuesday, we will publish a vintage postcard from Green Lake’s past.

These postcards were generously shared with us by Green Lake residents Mark and Mary Griffin, who answered our call for Green Lake historical material.  Thank you, Mark and Mary!

We’re kicking off the series with a card which was produced by “Hope Bros. Co. Seattle.”  It was mailed in Puyallup on Nov. 27, 1911 to E. L. Lyman at 517 E. 71 St., Seattle Wash, an east Green Lake address which is now referred to as 517 NE 71st St. The address is currently occupied by a townhouse built in 2005.

The card reads:

Puyallup.  Nov. 27

I will send you a card this Mon. a.m. on my way to the high school.  I have a real nice room in the Dunlap and think I will be home sometime Wed.night, if nothing happens.  The car [?] service is poor here.

Best wishes, Veva.


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Mary Griffin, who shared this card with us, took a look at 1910 census records.  ”The card is from 23-year-old Veva Lyman to her brother Edwin.” Mary tells us. “They are living at the same address in the 1910 census. She is a schoolteacher and he is a carpenter. She died at the age of 50 in 1937, according to the Washington State digital archives. He died in 1977 at the age of 88. He married Maud Bratten in 1913, and as far as I can tell, had only one child, Fred, who was born in 1914.”

According to local historian Paul Dorpat, “Green Lake Station” was the name given to the commercial area of Green Lake, located on what is now referred to as NE 72nd, between East Green Lake Drive N and  Woodlawn Ave NE.  This is just a couple of blocks from the Lyman residence.

Dorpat lists the following historic Green Lake Station businesses and establishments, recorded in a photograph taken of the area in 1909, two years before Veva Lyman sent the above card:

[...] on the right or south side of 72nd  – moving right to left – are Green Lake Hardware and Furniture, a dentist, a real estate office, an Ice Cream parlor that stocks candy and cigars as well, the Model Grocery Co. and the Hill Bros who established the first store in the East Green Lake Shopping District in 1901.   At the end of the block – still on this south side – is the Central Market.  Across 72nd on its north side are the neighborhood hotel, post office and a paint and wallpaper merchant

Completing this tour of 72nd, two blocks to the east the belfry of Green Lake Baptist rises above its southeast corner with 5th Avenue NE.  And to this side of the church, worshipers can complete their cleansing if they feel the need with a visit to the North Seattle Bath House.  But then so can the bankers.  Green Lake’s only brick structure at the time, the single story Green Lake State Bank, is set at the southeast corner of 72nd Street and Woodlawn Ave – at the scene’s center.

The block once know as “Green Lake Station” is the current location of the Greenlake Bar & Grill, the GroomingSPA, the 72nd St Cafe, Mykonos Greek Grill, American Athlete, Cafe Bonjour, Greenlake Martial Arts, and Baskin Robbins.

Do you have historic postcards or photographs of Green Lake that you would like to share?  Please drop us a line at tips [at]

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    Nice idea, nice work, Amy.

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    This series is fantastic and very interesting. Thank you!