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Parks Department cancels plans for new Lower Woodland Skatepark lighting

What do you think? (2 Comments) December 22, 2010 at 5:06PM

Back in October, Seattle Parks and Recreation announced that new lights would soon be installed at the Lower Woodland Skatepark.

Reaction to the plan was mixed, as evidenced by the differing views that were expressed in the comments left on our October story about the proposed new lighting.

Some commenters questioned the expense of the lights.  ”Does the City have money to waste on lights while laying off librarians and other personnel?” asked one.  ”I keep hearing about budget cuts EXCEPT when it’s time to write a check for a truly terrible idea,” added another.

The latest word from the Parks Department is that funding is in fact not available for the new lights.  The plan is on hold, at least for now.

If the lighting is considered again in the future, Project Manager Kelly Davidson says, skatepark neighbors will receive notification through the mail of a public meeting.

2 Responses to “Parks Department cancels plans for new Lower Woodland Skatepark lighting”

  1. Josh Malczyk says:

    You got quotes from the grumpiest tax payers ever. Skateboarding is more mainstream than baseball now, get over it and put some lights in.

  2. Rickbarrett says:

    Just goes to show that a collapsing economy produces occasional beneficial unintended results.