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Green Lake’s Petdaddy will not reopen following July’s car crash

What do you think? (7 Comments) November 14, 2010 at 4:14PM

In the early morning hours of July 7, 2010, a drunk driver crashed into Petdaddy, a self-serve dog wash and dog boutique located at 301 NE 65th St, across the street from Latona Pub.  (Read about the crash here.)

Petdaddy, July 7 2010

The next day, the following note appeared on the shop’s website:

Unfortunately we will be tempoarily closed due to a car crashing into our store Weds morning. Our construction engineers are doing their best to make it safe for our customers to enter the store. The earliest we are looking at to open will be next Weds or Thursday. We appreciate your patience and will do our best to get you a grooming appointment right away.

However, after several days, Petdaddy was still closed.  Calls to the shop resulted in a message that indicated that the line’s voicemail box was full.

Weeks passed.  The shop remained closed, although notice that it would reopen remained on the website and in the shop’s windows.  The phone line, however, was disconnected.

In September, a “For Lease” sign went up in the window.

Petdaddy, Sept 10, 2010

I reached the store’s owner, Jennifer-Ann Held Rivera, over facebook in September.  At that time, it sounded as though there may be some hope of Petdaddy reopening.  “I wish I could give everyone more details,” Jennifer-Ann wrote, “but I cannot at this point. I do miss everyone in the Green Lake area.”

And, Green Lake missed her.  Petdaddy’s facebook page is flooded with messages of support, as well as hopeful inquiries about the future of the store.

Here at My Green Lake, we have received many requests for information about if, and when, the store will reopen.  Unfortunately, I have not heard from Jennifer since September, although I have tried to reach her several times.

Yesterday, I called the number listed on the “For Lease” sign.  I spoke with Costas Nick, a real estate broker and landlord.  Nick confirmed what many Green Lake dog owners have feared: Pet Daddy will not be reopening.

Nick says the the space is available for lease for $2800/month.  1,700 square feet of retail space and 600 square feet of basement dry storage is available.  He is open to “any type of business” leasing the space.

What about the damage done to the building by the drunk driver in July?  “It’s been fixed,” Nick says, “and it’s better than it was before.”

Interested in leasing the space?  You can reach Costas Nick at 206-650-3717.


Historical footnote: This space was once occupied by a grocery store and deli. In 1941, a truck carrying a load of sawdust crashed through the shop’s corner doors in an incident very reminiscent of July’s crash (Source: Seattle Times, Nov. 26, 1941).

The grocery store in 1956:

65th and Latona, 1956

301 NE 65th St, 1956

Creative Commons License photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

7 Responses to “Green Lake’s Petdaddy will not reopen following July’s car crash”

  1. Anonymous says:

    In 1941, a truck carrying a load of sawdust crashed through the shop’s corner doors in an incident very reminiscent of July’s crash (Source: Seattle Times, Nov. 26, 1941).

    I’m just a little curious how you came in possession of this obscure historical nugget, AD? :)

    • Anonymous says:


      I searched Historical Newspapers within America’s GenealogyBank – – with the address of the shop just to see what would pop up (cause I’m dorky that way…)

      If you have a chance, you should replicate the search – there is an AWESOME picture of the crash, which alas I couldn’t publish due to to copyright restrictions, and couldn’t link to since it is behind the database’s paywall (although, all you need to login and search is an SPL library card).

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, lucky for us you’re “dorky that way” . . . nice little details that flush out a story IMO. Had to apply for my library card to get into that db. :)

      • Thanks for the heads-up, and for the resource! We frequent Latona Pub quite often, and were pretty dismayed once we saw the FOR LEASE sign go up…
        That was definitely our favorite dog wash.

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  3. Lindalou_999 says:

    I was very disappointed to hear about PetDaddy. My dog and I loved going there. They loved her and she loved them. I called for weeks, no answer, then I just drove by one day. I also read the website, and saw the note in the window that they would be open soon. I waited and waited. They never opened, and now you have confirmed that they never will. I am very disappointed in Jennifer-Ann. She could have just owned up and said we are not going to re-open our business. We all would have understood. But, rather, she just left us hanging there. No thank you for your loyal business nor a note in the window simply stating, now the obvious. So my dog and I have moved on, but not without a little sadness. Thanks to you Amy for finally letting us know, one can only hope for so long. Linda

  4. CharlesBr0kowski says:

    LOLZ. That place was a joke, anyways. Worst example of entrepreneurship I’ve ever seen.