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Scenes from the 2010 Naked Pumpkin Run

What do you think? (13 Comments) November 1, 2010 at 3:41PM

Last night (Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010) brought the 5th annual Naked Pumpkin Run to Green Lake.  Eight participants took place in the late night event, following a day run in Fremont.

Participants ran the traditional course around areas of Green Lake Park and the east Green Lake business district, including running past Greenlake Bar & Grill, The Little Red Hen, and Starbucks.

The following photos come to us courtesy of Jaybee.  They were pixelated in Photoshop by us.

What are your thoughts about the Naked Pumpkin Run?  Please leave your comments below.

13 Responses to “Scenes from the 2010 Naked Pumpkin Run”

  1. Aaron says:

    Glad this goes down in our community. Perhaps they can break that elusive 10 participant mark next year. ;)

  2. Al_mccann1 says:

    Looks to be a good time, Great Costume and bare buns. Whoo, Hoo !

  3. Rainbowmaker1133 says:

    Which one were you?

  4. Kuntri Gyrl says:

    LOL! Awesome. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to join them. LOVE the swing set shot!

  5. Guest says:

    Boring. Stupid. Pointless.

    • Rotor Wrench says:

      we don’t want to know what your life is like, we wanted your opinion on the pumpkin run.

      • Guest says:

        Ok then, here is my opinion – the participants, including the above commenter, are grown men still stuck in grade school (pretty much like your response). They, and you, are pathetic displays of what happens when you choose to be an irresponsible twit and broadcast it to the world. Keep your junk in your pants when you are in public, you clueless slacker. You look desperate and idiotic.

        • Matt says:

          I hope your high horse is sent to the glue factory, buddy.

        • greenlake resident says:

          ouch – you dont sound like a very happy person to get this heated over this. dont sweat the small stuff as they say – life is too short

  6. Rotor Wrench says:

    looks like fun, wish i had made it but left Tacoma too latee

  7. Ray4445 says:

    It’s great, not for me but no one is forced to look if they happen to observe.
    If you saw and chose to look that’s your decision. No harm done. And children?
    Good opportunity to tell them the body is beautiful and nudity isn’t immoral or a sin. You can also tell them usually nudity is kept for more private settings, but sometimes is public. IMHO.

  8. horseknuckle says:

    Hey, I’m all for naked running (except for the shrinkage). Butt (pun intended), I think we would all prefer if you kept your naked backside off our swingset. Purell, anyone?

  9. Guest says:

    “5th Annual Naked Pumpkin Run” is a pretty long, official-sounding title for 8 people running around naked.