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Parks Department to add new lighting at Lower Woodland Skatepark

What do you think? (6 Comments) October 14, 2010 at 9:13AM

Some new lights are scheduled to be installed at the Lower Woodland Skatepark.

The 17,000 sq. foot skateboard park opened in the spring of 2008.  It is located at the western end of the space between Soccer Field #2 and the cloverleaf ball diamonds at Woodland Park.

Kelly Davidson, Project Manager at Seattle Parks and Recreation, says that the Parks Department plans to add light to existing poles at the skatepark.  “The new lights would be focused on the skatepark only,” Davidson told us.  She said that the lights would be on a timer and would not run all night. “They would likely go off at 10:00,” she said.

The deadline for public comments on this project is Oct. 22, 2010.  Comments should be sent to Kelly Davidson: Kelly.Davidson [at]

Lower Woodland Skatepark Lighting - click to enlarge

Thanks for the tip, Tracy!

Update, Dec. 22 2010 – The Parks Department has put a hold on installing new lighting due to insufficient funding.  Read more here.

6 Responses to “Parks Department to add new lighting at Lower Woodland Skatepark”

  1. Boocat2 says:

    That skatepark is a constant mess. Adding night lighting will simply make the whole situation worse-more broken glass and graffiti, more drinking, smoking, and pill trading. At a time when teen boys should be home doing homework they will be hanging out there and getting into trouble. This is truly a bad idea.

  2. Charles says:

    Why waste money on more lights? In winter, the park sees little use, mostly due to weather. Extending the hours in winter makes no sense. Does the City have money to waste on lights while laying off librarians and other personel?

    Agree that the skate board park is a mess. Just about every time I take my boys down to the bike bumps, the smell of pot wafts down from the trees followed by a group of teenagers walking on down to the skateboard park. Winter night time at the skateboard park, just what every parent needs :(

  3. Really? says:

    I keep hearing about budget cuts EXCEPT when it’s time to write a check for a truly terrible idea, like cramming more lights into an already overstuffed Lower Woodland Park that absolutely doesn’t need them. Then suddenly we find the money. I thus can only conclude that the “budget crisis” in city government is wholly manufactured and used as a convenient excuse for other bad ideas, like kicking the actual community out of the Green Lake Community Center.

  4. Skirdoosh says:

    I’m pretty sure all the people who vandalize and abuse the park are more comfortable doing so in the dark. Also, every single other facility in Lower Woodland park has lights EXCEPT the skatepark. I can tell you there has been plenty of times where I have seen kids at the skatepark try to scavenge lights from the empty baseball fields. And as far as inclement weather goes wouldn’t that mean that lights at the tennis courts would have been a waste of money too? Didn’t see anyone making a fuss about that. What I do see is a bunch of pretentious, overprotective parents complaining about a skatepark in Seattle getting lights for the first time in the city’s history.

    Side note: the drunk, pot smoking, pill popping, stereotype is absolutely ridiculous. Grow up.

    • erik whitaker says:

      I am in my early 40′s & skate at Lower Woodland a few days a week often before I go to work. This is a great park & I have spent many mornings sweeping & cleaning up this place before skating. Would love have lights that could be turned on in the am starting at 7 or maybe even 6 am with a dial/timer so that lights would only be on if the park is in use. Not a fan of the graffitti or general trash strewn about but adding a few more well placed trash cans & maybe constructing a graffitti art wall for taggers would help.