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Local woman alerts neighbors to indecent exposure incident

What do you think? (2 Comments) October 15, 2010 at 10:11PM

A local woman has asked us to alert the neighborhood about a man she encountered this morning (Friday, Oct. 15, 2010) in west Green Lake / east Phinney Ridge.

This morning, the woman, who has asked to be identified by only her last name, Palmer, was jogging down Fremont Ave N.  At 6:28 a.m., as she ran past Fremont Ave N & N 73rd St, she says she passed a man in his 20s lying in the grass under a streetlamp on the west side of the street.  He had his pants down and was masturbating.  She describes him as “Caucasian, wearing a dark gray or navy cap, and a navy blue shirt with a small plaid pattern.  I think he was wearing gray shorts but I’m not 100% sure because they were down around his ankles.  He had shorter dirty blond or light brown hair, and hadn’t shaven in at least a day or two.”

“As I passed him,” Ms. Palmer recalls, “I did say, ‘Really?  Shouldn’t you be doing that inside?’ I called the North Precinct after lunch today, but they told me I should have reported it this morning.  I don’t own a cell phone, so I didn’t call it in when it occurred.”

Ms. Palmer’s friend, who asked that we only use her first name, Laurie, also wrote to us about this incident.  She too called the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct.  “I asked for perhaps more police coverage over the next couple of days or weeks to deter future activity,” Laurie said.  “He said that the next time something like this is witnessed, the best thing would be to call 911 or the non-emergency number (206-625-5011 – press 2, then 8) right away.”

2 Responses to “Local woman alerts neighbors to indecent exposure incident”

  1. Sistertelemark says:

    I was out at 6:35 a.m. this morning, walking my dogs in the neighborhood. A woman jogger, who must have been Ms. Palmer, stopped me and two other women walking dogs and told us of her encounter. We were very grateful for her warning. It’s unfortunate that nothing can be done if an encounter such as this is reported after the fact, but truth is, many of us don’t run with cell phone. Perhaps we should.
    I had a similar experience about a year ago when I was running in Carkeek Park and encountered a fully nude man walking through the woods, his hands chained to his waist. Thankfully, I had a very big black dog with me. By the time I got back to my car and my cell phone to report him, I was told the guy was likely long gone and nothing could be done. I certainly understand the limitations of investigating this kind of complaint and I don’t have any good answers. Even if I had a cell phone on me that morning, I would not have stopped to make a call. I wanted to run away as fast as possible. And, I did.

  2. horseknuckle says:

    OH MY GOLLY-GEE! How did I miss this story? I mean, can you believe it? Palmer DOESN’T OWN A CELL PHONE?!?!

    What a lucky woman (public wanker notwithstanding) . . .