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Blake the Milkman: A Green Lake fixture for 20 years

What do you think? Comments Off October 19, 2010 at 2:52PM

I recently caught up with Blake the Milkman:

Blake has been delivering Smith Brothers Farms milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and more to the Green Lake neighborhood for 20 years.  He brings about 50 different products right to his customers’ doors.

If you are not a customer yourself, you may have noticed Smith Brothers milk boxes on your neighbors’ porches or Blake’s black and white truck driving through the streets of Green Lake.

Blake still has customers who have received milk deliveries since he first took over the route, 20 years ago, from a milkman who was retiring.  When he first started the route it was just him driving, processing orders, and doing the billing, but now he has three trucks and three employees, all servicing customers on his route.

The block in Green Lake with the most Smith Brothers customers?  One block on N 54th St has six.

Blake says he goes through about 100 dog treats per week during his entire route from Ballard to Laurelhurst.  “Many of the dogs inform their customers the milk is near,” Blake says.  “The dog hears the truck approaching before the customer does.”

Delivery service is very simple.  You can find detailed information on Blake’s website.

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