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Man seen filming women "below the waist" as they walk the Green Lake loop

What do you think? (4 Comments) September 29, 2010 at 3:38PM

A local woman has asked us to warn other women who walk at Green Lake Park about some strange behavior she witnessed there last week.

Last Wednesday morning (Sept. 22, 2010) at around 11 a.m., Jeni, who asked us to not use her last name, was walking around the Green Lake loop.  She noticed a man holding his cell phone in an odd way – low down and to the side of his body.  “He was videotaping women’s backsides and below the waist in front as they walked around Green Lake,” Jeni says.  She says that other people walking the loop seemed to notice his strange behavior as well.

After the man appeared to videotape Jeni, who was walking with her young son, she confronted him.  He then got into his car and drove away.

Jeni, who says she was “totally creeped out,” called the Seattle Police Department.  “They told me that they want to hear about this kind of thing,” she says, “because folks like this often escalate.”

Jeni describes the man as six feet tall with a lean build.  He is African American and looked to be in his 30s or 40s.  He has a goatee, mustache, and short hair.  He drives a dark-colored 4-door Jetta.

4 Responses to “Man seen filming women "below the waist" as they walk the Green Lake loop”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow.. Now there is some hot press. Some sad perv that photos fully clothed women´s butts. Great job, journos.

  2. Afriye13 says:

    @howiebledsoe – Go back and reread the line “folks like this often escalate.” Let that sink in to your sexist little brain. At what point of escalation would you agree that this becomes news?