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Motion Boardshop moving to 84th and Aurora

What do you think? (1 Comment) August 23, 2010 at 3:45PM

We just received word that a longboard and kiteboard specialty shop is moving into the area.

On Wednesday, September 1, 2010, Motion Boardshop (MOBO) will move to 8310 Aurora Ave N.  The location was formerly occupied by Karin’s Beauty Supplies.

Motion Boardshop has been in business in Lake Forest Park since 2008.  The move to Aurora Ave will secure them more space and parking.   Jason Clack, MOBO’s owner, says that the shop’s proximity to Green Lake and the Woodland Skatepark will make the location convenient for standup paddleboard rentals and skateboard sales.

Clack opened Seattle Kiteboarding Center (now Motion Boardshop) almost 10 years ago in Everett. Today he still operates his kiteboarding school under the same name. When the shop moved to Lake Forest Park, MOBO became a local mecca for longboarding and downhill speedboarding.  The business also expanded into stand-up paddleboarding and skimboarding.

MOBO has been a welcoming place for many skaters to meet, talk shop and watch video footage.  “Our local crew has not only helped our success, but they have invoked the excitement of board sports in this community,” Clack says. “Without them, we definitely would not be having as much fun. We wouldn’t be MOBO without them.”

For more information about MOBO, call (206) 372-5268 or email Shannon [at]

Welcome to the neighborhood, Motion Boardshop!

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