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Keep ‘Em Flying Espresso closed

What do you think? (8 Comments) August 18, 2010 at 9:58AM

Keep Em Flying and Spud

Keep ‘Em Flying Espresso has closed.

The espresso stand opened last November in Spud Fish and Chip’s parking lot (6860 E Green Lake Way N).  It was Green Lake’s only drive-through espresso stand.

Cindy Zucchero, who owns the stand, told us that some of her employees were giving free drinks to people and pocketing money after not ringing up sold items.  “I guess this is common in the coffee industry,” she said, “especially when the owner does not work the stand.”

A buyer showed some interest in the business but they have decided not to buy it at this time.  Cindy will be moving the stand outside of the neighborhood or selling it.  “I really enjoyed all our regular customers and meeting new customers,” she said, adding that she is “very sad to say goodbye.”

Keep Em Flying

8 Responses to “Keep ‘Em Flying Espresso closed”

  1. Green Lake Neighbor says:

    Given it’s location next door to Peet’s I’m surprised that it made it there that long.

  2. Guest says:

    I’m especially sad about this, since I had a pre-paid card there. Any contact information for Cindy?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi ‘Guest’ and others with balances on pre-paid cards,

    I just spoke with Cindy and she is happy to return the balance on pre-paid cards. Feel free to email me at and I will pass on her email address to you.


    Amy Duncan
    My Green Lake

  4. horseknuckle says:

    Bummer. More depressing evidence that a bad economy is killing everyone, especially small businesses. Not only does the current economy cause many of us to watch our spending, but when employees have to resort to pilfering to make ends meet [side note: I believe most people are good and decent and have to do things they would not normally do because of circumstances beyond their immediate control, but I am a progressive democrat who likes to believe the best in people, not the worst. I digress.], a small business like this, the backbone of America, can’t make it. It’s a snowball, and I wish I knew how to stop it because it is sad and depressing and very, very scary because my normally optimistic self is startng to crack.

    I love summer, but I herald its end, because it is time for our youth to go back to school, adults to go back to work and for everyone to regain our collective focus on rebuilding our country, restoring our economy, and raising everyone back up before it is too late.

    On that note, time for another glass of wine. I bet the wine industry is doing wonderful thanks to my constant contributions. Not to mention Kleenex.