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A sensory garden is coming to Woodland Park

What do you think? Comments Off March 20, 2010 at 8:28AM

A sensory garden is coming to the Woodland Park Rose Garden (750 N 50th St).

Steve Little of the Ballard Lions Club and the Friends of the Rose Garden shared information about the sensory garden at last week’s Green Lake Community Council meeting.

Sensory gardens, which make use of all the senses, are typically used as therapy gardens.  Plants and landscape elements are chosen for the garden based on not just their visual qualities, but also their smell, texture, sound, and taste.

While the sensory garden at Woodland Park will be open to all, it will include many elements that can be used in therapeutic sessions treating Alzheimer’s disease, autism, blindness, and hearing impairments.

The sensory garden will be located on the east side of the rose garden in a currently unused section of land managed by the zoo.  The plot of land is 30 X 300 feet.  A fence separates it from the rose garden.

Little was careful to point out that the rose garden will not be affected by the installation of the sensory garden and the experience of visiting the rose garden will not be changed once the sensory garden is open to the public.

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