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2009 Luminata at Green Lake Tuesday at Dusk

What do you think? (8 Comments) September 18, 2009 at 11:00PM

Thanks to Mylinda for this tip:

On the heels of the joyful & exuberant 21st annual Summer Solstice Parade, the Fremont Arts Council will celebrate the autumnal equinox on September 22 with the beautiful, sweet, & illuminating ‘Luminata’ lantern parade around Green Lake Park in Seattle. Beginning at dusk at the Small Craft Center (located at the south end of the lake), a procession of hundreds will light up the night with handmade art lanterns carried both by hand and by boat.

Everyone is invited to take part. Joining the Yahoo group is the best way to get informed about Luminata and a great first step for getting involved: Luminata-subscribe(at)yahoogroups(dot)com

“The Fall equinox is a wonderful time for celebrating the change of seasons” says last year’s Luminata lead artist Leslie Zenz, “Many traditions around the world recognize the last days of the productive summer are about to shift into the dark, introspective time of winter. Lanterns are a beautiful symbol of our spirit as a community that will sustain us through the cold months.”

The Fremont Arts Council has recruited local artists to lead a series of workshops in which members of the community can learn to make their own lanterns. All workshops will be held at the Fremont Arts Council’s Power House, 3940 Fremont Ave N (come to the center of the universe to help illuminate the celebration!)

“People really enjoy coming to our workshops because there is a creative project for everyone.” says Zenz, “The Fremont Arts Council has a long history of producing art-based events that celebrate community and cultural creativity.”

This year’s festival will include sing-alongs both during and after the parade. Hot cider and treats will be served to both participants and spectators.

Luminata 2009 Schedule (as of Sep 3)

Luminata is Tuesday evening, Sep 22 at dusk
Astronomical sunset is 7:06pm PDT
Civil Twilight ends at 7:37pm (it’s finally dark)
Astronomical equinox is 2:18pm (thank you US Naval Observatory online)

all workshops will be held at the
Fremont Arts Council’s Power House
3940 Fremont Ave N

Sep 18 Fri
6-9pm workshop open
6-9pm EL wire workshop (Mike Begley) emphasizing glowing-spaghetti “EL wire”.

Sep 19 Sat
10am-12N Night Queenistas part 2 of 2 (Lana Sunberg) Don’t miss the second session! (see Sept 12 for description.) [canceled]
2-9pm workshop open
3-6pm Balloon Lanterns (Christie Wolf) Come with the family to make simple egg shaped lanterns from balloons! Once the basic lantern is created, these lanterns can be decorated in many ways with colorful tissue paper, pictures, leaves, paint, cut-out shapes, and more! These lanterns take a day to dry so plan to drop by Sunday or Monday during open workshop hours to finish them up.
Children welcome with adult companions only. Balloons and tissue paper provided…bring your own special decorative materials to add! Suggested fee $5. Contact Christie Wolf cwolf42(at)gmail(dot)com
4-5pm Jar Lanterns (Kate Freeman) Join this talented print & paper artist in making tissue covered jar lanterns. This is an excellent nearly last minute lantern, as it is simple to put together and has beautiful results. The jars are coated in colorful tissue and suspended from a pole with wire. Bring a jar (make sure you can fit your hand into the jar to place a candle or another illumination source inside) and a pole (like an old broomstick, piece of bamboo, etc) of your choosing. A few jars will be available for those who don’t have one. This makes a lovely candle holder, throughout the year, particularly in the dark of winter, when you want to remember the light. Children are welcome with adult companion only. No fee required, but a few dollars donation gratefully accepted! Contact Kate Freeman, kaf(at)artlover(dot)com

Sep 20 Sun
12N-9pm workshop open
12N-6pm Cane Lantern Boats (Leslie Zenz)
Learn to build a beautiful boat lantern using cane and tissue paper. We mount this on a wooden float so it can join a floating procession on Greenlake this year. Cane, paper, and wood provided. Suggested fee, $10. For more information or to sign up contact Leslie at chocholate2moist(at)comcast(dot)net, (BUT remember she is busy preparing a big project for Burien Arts-A-Glow on Sept 12. Go see it!!!)
6-9pm Sing Out! singing rehearsal: Listen, or sing along on Lantern Night! No preparation required, just bring your smile! But if you’d like to come to this planning meeting/rehearsal session to practice – please contact Christie Wolf cwolf42(at)gmail(dot)com and Ricky Gene Powell serpentfeather(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Sep 21 Mon
6-9pm workshop open

Sep 22 Tue
2-6pm workshop open (put those last minute touches on your art!)
7-10:30pm LUMINATA @ Green Lake, The Fremont Arts Council & YOU
starting point: Boat House on the South end
ending point: just South of the Bath House Theater, we’ll stop to share some cider & cookies and usher in the dark months
(many people stop here to enjoy the festivities and then continue the procession around the lake ~ it is breathtaking to see all the lanterns make their way around the water, so don’t let this limit your walk.)
Yum! Homemade COOKIES!! Complement the hot cider the Fremont Arts Council provides, at the end point of the lantern walk, by baking some cookies or treats to share with our ravenous, and ravishing, community! Bring however much you like but remember we expect one or two hundred mouths! An email to me saying what and how much you intend to bringĀ is appreciated but not at all necessary contact Chuck: cfharr(at)erols(dot)com

There are many ways to get involved, make a lantern, bake some cookies, just walk along with us, all are welcome.
We look forward to celebrating the Autumnal Equinox with you!
Fremont Arts Council 206-547-7440

8 Responses to “2009 Luminata at Green Lake Tuesday at Dusk”

  1. RIPKingdome says:

    I wish I had known this was going on ahead of time. This picture looks so pretty!!

  2. marywit says:

    Me, too! Is there some kind of email calendar for FAC events so we can catch them ahead of time?

  3. mygreenlake says:

    Yes, it's really spectacular! Here's a link to the FAC calendar:

    And here's our calendar: :)

  4. marywit says:

    Me, too! Is there some kind of email calendar for FAC events so we can catch them ahead of time?

  5. mygreenlake says:

    Yes, it's really spectacular! Here's a link to the FAC calendar:

    And here's our calendar: :)